And in the end

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I Could Tell You About The River

We just spent six weeks in a van together, driving across the country, making and showing art in any places that would offer us a show. We chose to interact very closely with one another, learning each other’s habits, making each other laugh, learning how to fight and resolve conflict. Producing collective art shows with six artists is a challenge. But thrilling. By the end of six weeks, we produced seven art shows, each one site specific, each one showing different work.

Sometimes people loved us, people bought our work, so many people were generous. Sometimes people came back to see us again and we met so many people to keep in touch with. Other times we cleared out entire rooms. But I think that kind of contrast is supposed to happen, right?

We camped on the way back and spent a morning exploring an abandoned tunnel by a river. We had hiked down there the evening before and had spread out along the rocks on the bank. We all sat silently in the dark, watching trains go by on the other side. Then we walked back up the hill, sharing a flashlight between us, and tried to hypnotize each other by the fire.

In the beginning was a big bang. NON/SOLO was pushed by this force. From New York City to the Pacific Ocean. Traversing mountains, Lakes, Forests, Cities and towns, unstoppable. Just hold on tight.

Pull quote

“Thats as good as the stuff I hear on the radio.”

-Margaret’s Dad, Cameron
in response to the Portland, We Are Not a Band show